About us

An image of Brand Focus Feed Mill

Our Product

Our Rivers Feed mill is a 240 ton per day feed mill located in Rumuodomaya, the Headquarters of Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, Rivers State, off the Port Harcourt - Owerri Road, constructed by the Rivers State government and acquired and run by Brand Focus Nigeria Limited. The feed mill currently produces all brands of poultry feeds and is branded Rivers Feeds. Our plan seeks to maximize feeds production with it in the shortest possible time for sale to farmers and distributors all over Nigeria. Thereafter, the plant will be modified and expanded for increased capacity. Our products under the Brand name RIVERS FEEDS consist of all brands of Poultry Feed. The production of Fish Feed and Animal Feed will commence after our projected expansion.

Our product will address the following market place needs

  • checkThe shortfall in the feed supply and scarcity of feed around the country and the state particularly.
  • checkThe high and increasing cost of feed in the state and the varying quality of feeds in Nigeria.

Who We Are

Brand Focus Nigeria Limited is an indigenous company that has been involved in the maintenance, construction and operation of several multinational companies in Nigeria. We currently acquired a 10 Tons per Hour capacity feed mill in Rumuodomaya and have completed the retrofitting. We have commenced the production of poultry feeds under the brand name Rivers Feeds.

Development Stage

Brand Focus Nig. Ltd. is a Partnership incorporated on the 16th day of December, 2005 under The Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990 with registration No. RC 642031 and is being used as a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for the production of the poultry feed with the brand name Rivers Feeds. We are presently producing on 20% installed capacity.

Products and Services

The feed mill is producing all grades of high quality poultry feeds. During our planned later phase we will increase the product train and by extension the volume of production. We intend to also produce fish feeds and animal feeds.

Target Market(s)

There is a big and ever growing market for our product particularly as the government policy keeps tilting towards agriculture and self-sufficiency in food production. We planned to supply both the South - South and South - East Geo Political zones’ markets, particularly the direct consumers as the demand reveals.